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C.C.S. Network is an established company in the field of Punjabi video production. Apart from telecast the tv programms on channels, produced the Punjabi songs, Punjabi comedy, short films, video albums and other cultural genres, the company is also playing an active role in the field of music, news, entertainment and public service. Currently CCS network is active in India and Canada. CCS Network is headquartered in Faridkot, Punjab (India). Led by renowned journalist, writer, businessman and producer Nirmal Singh Sadhanwalia, the entire team of the CCS Network is a reputed organization known for its clean and progressive work.

CCS Network is a registered marketing agency of Parsar Bharti Broadcasting Corporation (a Government of India organization). Now CCS Network Producing the popular Punjabi cultural program 'Mela Mellian Da', who telecast on Punjabi TV Channel DD Punjabi, every Sunday from at 8:00pm to 8:30pm. This TV Programme produced by CCS Network and this is the most popular programme in Punjabi audience.

Besides, CCS Network operates Punjabi Full HD 24-hour TV Channel 'Sada TV' is based in Brampton, Toronto (Canada). The channel broadcasts through IPTV in various countries including Canada, USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, and worldwide via the website and the mobile apps on Google Play Store and Apple Store. The news, music, discussion, films, religious, social, cultural and social reform programs are telecast on Sada TV. The channel also telecasts interviews with prominent Punjabi personalities.You can watch live tv on Sada TV Canada.

The norms of the Company


The main objective of CCS Network is to promote Punjabi language, dialect and Punjabi culture. Apart from this, efforts are being made to connect people all over the world with Punjabi by combining Punjabi language with modern technology. The CCS Network is also working to create a better society. Efforts are also being made to entertain Punjabis in today's fast paced life. The Punjabi media sector strives to play a neutral role and become the voice of the general public.

Efforts are also being made for the holistic development of the youth by connecting the new generation of Punjab with modern technology. The CCS Network also helps needy Punjabi youth. The CCCS Network is also making a full contribution in the field of social service.